DNS Enabler

DNS Enabler 4.0

Set up a DNS and check its info on your Mac.
4.0.5 (See all)
Enable a Domain Name Server on your Mac laptop. Insert domain name-to-address mappings, their aliases and MX records on the Internet. View time-to-live intervals and other domain and zone data. Create forward mapping files, reverse mapping files, named .conf files, etc.

DNS Enabler can set up a fully-functioning Domain Name Server (DNS) on a plain Mac OS X machine. It is designed to allow a user to set up domain name information quickly using a single window, in the fastest time.
DNS Enabler provides the interface to allow users to specify domain name-to-address mappings for machines on the Internet, as well as their aliases or MX records (e.g., which machines act as mail servers for the domain).
Additionally, it allows users to set the other domain and zone information, e.g., Time-To-Live Intervals, that determine how long these information remain valid.
It will automatically generate the named.conf file, the forward mapping files for each domain, the reverse mapping files for each network, and all the resource and reverse pointer records.
What's new in this version:
DNS Enabler wasn't saving the settings for two controls in the config file - the state of the check boxes for Allow Recursive Queries and Allow Dynamic Updates. This has been fixed in this version.

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