Browse and transfer files from your iDevice to your hard drive
This program has been superseded by iMazing
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License type: Shareware

DiskAid - a lightweight program that gives you access to iDevices library of files. No longer do you need to jailbreak your device to see what's stored on it and no need for the bulky iTunes in your RAM for file transfer between your computer and the device.

When someone is using this program, he/she should be very careful. There are reasons why Apple protected the iDevice's file system from easy access by a regular user. First of all, the chance of contracting a virus is greatly reduced, and secondly, the operating system won't freeze like it does on the other similar devices because of the corrupted files. So, be careful with this program.

This program lets you browse the content of your iDevice. Copy the files you want to your hard drive or delete them without need to start up iTunes. Finally, you can use your iDevice as a USB storage device, backup SMS messages from your iPhone, or browse through your pictures. No iTunes is necessary, and no jailbreak is needed anymore.

The program is compatible with iOS 3 and 4. Copying to and from iDevice does not seem to harm the integrity of the library, but I remind you to be careful with this.

Overall, a nice program to see the content of your iDevice and copy it without the need to open up bulky iTunes.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Navigates the entire iDevice library


  • Needs additional software to copy music and photos from iPod
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