Jumpshare 2.6

A client application for Jumpshare, a cloud storage service.

Jumpshare is a client desktop application for the cloud storage service with the same name. The tool is quite unobtrusive and runs quietly from the Menu Bar. Fortunately, it is very easy to use. First, you need to log into the service, which can be done using your Jumpshare as well as your Google accounts. It supports dragging and dropping whatever you want to share. A few buttons allow capturing video from the screen, taking screenshots and recording your voice. What is more, with a push of a button you can upload the resulting videos, images or sound files to the cloud.

It is impossible to evaluate this application without talking about the service that is behind it. Jumpshare is mainly intended as a file-sharing system. For instance, it supports sharing complete folders. Besides, it lets you send links to other users, which can be password-protected and even scheduled to be active at a given time. There is even the possibility of erasing the selected files for good after the desired period of time. In terms of speed, Jumpshare offers fairly decent results, probably because it uses Amazon Web Services.

Another important aspect to consider is security. In this respect, the service uses 256-bit AES, which is strong enough for this purpose. However, compared with other similar services, it has some limitations related to authentication. First, it does not allow two-factor authentication. Similarly, there is no support of end-to-end encryption, which means that you cannot prevent the service providers from accessing the contents of your files at any time.

All in all, the Jumpshare client application beautifully complements the service provided by the developer by offering much more than what the web application supports. Luckily, there is a basic service you can get for free, but it has limits as to available features and storage capacity. So, it is a good idea to try Jumpshare, and, if you feel satisfied, perhaps you would like to subscribe to a Plus or a Business plan to get more.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple file-sharing features
  • Screen capturing
  • Voice recording
  • Fast data transfers
  • Strong data encryption algorithms


  • No end-to-end data encryption
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