Disk LED Pro 1.5

Monitors and displays the current device activity status.
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Gain quick access to the information concerning the current hardware activity on your Mac. Place the icon in the taskbar and click on it to see the read and write conditions of the LED components, internal and external storage devices, and other compatible components.

Disk LED Pro, a simple icon, lives in status bar to display the current disk activity status in your Mac menu bar. It's a disk LED monitor to show the read and write status. Disk LED Pro watches internal and external storage device. It's small, smart and easy to use. With Disk LED Pro, you will always know what applications are running.
You can always be alert to know whether your computer is too hot or overloaded. You can have a better understanding when your computer should take a rest.
As a small blinking indicator, Disk LED Pro provides a quick and easy way to know what is happening in your computer. In this way, you can know how to protect your computer from impending problems. This handy tool just needs to download and follow a few steps, and you will know better about your computer within seconds.
Main features:
•Monitor multiple hard drives. It can show various disk activities going on in your PC.
•Select which of the hard drives you want to look after with ease.
•Know real-time information about your computer quickly.
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