Disk Expert

Disk Expert 1.0

Disk Expert scans your hard drives and displays the disk space usage.
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Disk Expert is a Mac program that proves to be of good whenever you wish to analyze the disk space usage on any of your drives. This application provides you with a list containing the biggest files within your drives, the amount of free disk space, and lets you know the last time you modified a certain file or folder.

You can make good use of this app whenever you need to reclaim space on your drives. After scanning the hard disk, the program displays a list with the largest files and folders and informs which ones haven't been used for a long time.

The application lets you decide how to free up space on your drive by deleting the files and folders you don't require anymore. The program also lets you copy and move the unnecessary files to other folder locations.

An important disadvantage of Disk Expert is that it doesn't allow you to pause and resume the scanning process (you can only stop the scan). Not being able to perform these two actions might prove to be quite inconvenient when scanning a large size drive.

As for the rest, the application scans internal as well as external drives, offers you plenty of information regarding the disk usage, and allows you to delete the biggest files from your drives. Plus, the program comes with a very reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Lets you scan complete hard drives and folders
  • Offers you various information regarding the disk space usage
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Lets you scan external drives


  • Unable to pause scans
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