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Analyze disk space usage and find large-sized files.
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Serge Savenko

Serge Savenko Perfect! Awesome app for disk cleaning.

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rentonwelsh It wasn't of any help to me. Slowed down my Mac sinisterly smile

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David Hurst This program is a part of Element 5 pushed via the Mac Store. I've bought it with a package and ran just the program to remove duplicate photo files. It worked well until I turned the computer off. Then it didn't work. I had to replace my system and lost everything on my hard disc. (Recovered thanks to Carbonite). The company did not stand by the product. No refund. They said I should have made a bootable disc first but that was nowhere in the instructions. Do not purchase. It may destroy your system!

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Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes That's great software! And it costs $9.99, not $14.99 smile

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