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Diet Controller is a very complete diet tracking utility. It was designed to be an easy-to-use companion for your dieting efforts. As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that keeping track of foods, calories and exercise is a great way to encourage positive changes in your eating habits. Diet Controller lets you keep a very detailed log of everything that you eat, the exercise that you make, and it breaks down foods into nutrients so that you can keep track of those as well.

When you first start the application, you can enter details about yourself that will help elaborate a lose-weight goal for you. Here, you can enter basic information like weight, height, age, and metabolic rate. The app can estimate your metabolic rate if you specify how bactive or sedentary your lifestyle is. You will also notice the second tab, Diet Plans. This is a very important feature. You can choose what your weight loss goals are here. One of the goals and the one I use a lot is the "End Date and Date Weight" plan. It is also the simplest one in my opinion. Here you can type in the total weight that you want to lose by entering the final weight and the limit date to lose that weight. The app will then calculate how many kilos or pounds you need to shed and what that translates into in terms of calorie deficit.

After the initial setup, you can add your foods from a list of pre-loaded ones that come with nutritional information or you can add your own. There is also a list of common exercises.

There is an entire window dedicated to measurements. The idea is to take initial measurements and then compare them with new measurements every week or so.

Diet Controller is quite a complete diet management app. On top of all that I have mentioned above, the app also supports reports, charts, and a journal, where you can write about your diet for future reference.

José Fernández
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