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This program helps you change the appearance of your desktop.
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Desktopr is a program that lives on your Menu Bar and lets you set your favorite websites as desktop background. You can check your Facebook news feed and like posts, watch YouTube clips, browse webpages, and much more, directly from your desktop, without using your default browser.

The application places a menu on your status bar, from where you can activate/deactivate the current wallpaper, enable/disable Browsing Mode, and switch to the next desktop background. In Preferences panel you can add as many websites and files (images, videos, etc.) as you like, select the preferred font style and size, and choose the proper interval of time between wallpaper changes.

The utility worked flawlessly in my testing. It allowed me to add a wide variety of items as wallpapers, changed desktop appearance on time (based on my selection in Preferences panel), and it used a very small amount of CPU resources.

My only issue with this application is the lack of an option to define hotkeys. It would be a lot easier and quicker to change wallpapers or enable Browsing Mode by hitting a combination of keys, instead of going to the main menu of the app and selecting the corresponding options.

However, I still think it's worth installing this free program on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Very simple to handle
  • You can always hide Desktopr's wallpaper
  • Lets you check your Facebook account, watch. YouTube videos, etc. directly from your desktop
  • Free


  • Lacks options to define global hotkeys for changing wallpaper, disabling wallpaper, etc
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