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CuteFTP Mac Professional 3.1

FTP client for Mac
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Cute FTP Mac Professional is the most advanced Mac FTP client available. It's Mac OS X Universal ready, has a multi-threaded thin "Metal" (Cocoa) interface, powerful automation features, and strong security for protecting your FTP sessions. Mac OS X Universal Get screaming performance on both Power PC and Intel-based Macintosh computers. SSH2 and SSL/TLS Sessions Login and transfer files using Secure Shell 2 (SFTP) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols. Simultaneous File Transfers Transfer multiple files concurrently and navigate sites while files are being transferred. Accelerated Transfers Accelerate transfers by splitting a single download file into multiple parts and recombining them upon receipt. Transfer Queue Select files and folders spanning multiple remote sites and queue them for future transfer. Synchronize Folders Update remote folders with the local folder's contents or vice versa. Bookmark Folders Quickly access your favorite folders with bookmarks and Recall Favorite Folders. Remote File Editing Edit and save to remote using a ODB Editor Suite protocol compliant editor. Rendezvous Support Discover FTP servers that use Rendezvous on your network.
What's new in this version:
Added support for Intel-based Mac computers. Added support for virtual folders. Added support for AppleScript.

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