Cube Racer 2

Free Experience pure chaos in a racing game with cubes.
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Cube Racer 2 is a racing game with cubes. However, you experience pure chaos from the starting line to the finish line. You dodge as much deadly spikes as possible, while using that sneaky portal to skip the hardest part and leave your friends behind in all that mess. While you're at it, you honk at them to assert dominance.

After you won the first round, you build as much obstacles as you can. To make it difficult, you build traps, spikes to smash all other cubes. But if you're really evil, you can build some secret path to get past that deadly stuff. You can set some walls, portals and canons to boost yourself even more.

Then, you watch your friends struggling to get past the mess you built and honk at them while you jump past them. You must take care for the obstacles they might have built, and race to ultimate victory.

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