FileXaminer 2.8

This program enables you to modify file and folder attributes.
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Gideon Softworks, Inc.

FileXaminer is a program designed by Gideon Softworks for Mac users who wish to easily and quickly modify file and folder attributes. This application comes in handy if you need to alter file privileges, change folder creation date, edit directory owner information, and much more.

The utility provides you with a straightforward interface and very simple-to-configure settings. So, even users with little computer experience can handle FileXaminer.

You can choose a document or directory within your Mac and the program will give you access to various privilege and general information settings. After you make the necessary attribute changes, the application immediately updates the file and folder details.

The program also offers you a very simple way to copy file or directory paths to your clipboard. What's more, you can define global hotkeys for immediately editing the attributes of a certain document or folder and copying the file or directory path to clipboard.

All in all, FileXaminer is a simple yet helpful Mac application that enables you to edit attributes of files and folders. The program is very intuitive, offers many output settings, and comes with an affordable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Supports batch processing
  • Provides you with various options


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