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Small tool lives in status bar to help you tracking important days.
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★★Countdown Days is a small tool lives in status bar to help you tracking important days. Countdown Days keep every event on the desktop let you know how many days have passed or remaining.With Countdown Days, you can track things like:How many days to go to wedding? How many days left before someone's birthday? How many days left to go to library?How many days ago did i quit drinking?Go for it, Countdown Days will be a good helper.★★★ Version 1.1 ★★★1) Change the way the reminder boxes look. Removing the clock icon and having the buttons appear in the upper right corner when you mouse over them would be nice, would save space and look cleaner. 2) Add an option so the color gradient is changeable to be just one solid color. Now you can change the text color. 3) Add the ability to click on the date box. 4) Add keyboard shortcut when active Apple + N to create new item Delete to remove active item Enter to edit active item 5) Other miscellaneous look.★★★ Bug Fix & Feature Request ★★★If you're having problems, please email us at support@cokesoft.comWe will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.

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