Conduct School Behaviour Management 2.0

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Conduct is a powerful software application for Mac and Windows that lets teachers and schools record, analyse and track incidents of positive and negative student behaviour. Conduct significantly reduces the administrative tasks for teachers and provides a solid foundation upon which whole school behaviour management can be developed. Make pupils aware of their behaviour and help them to think it through, reward or sanction them accordingly. Imagine having all the schools conducts/behavioural issues stored in one database. Conduct has the power to instantly show a parent their child's behaviour record over the past year or even throughout the students education. Conduct school behaviour software can let you click a button to see who is the best year group or class on that day or week and much more. Imagine seeing conducts being entered in real time and being able to instantly deal with the situation.
What's new in this version:
Conduct now has the ability to work on a handheld PC, Palm etc meaning you can use a handheld then sync with your computer at a later date. Conduct can now create and send 'behaviour' letters (detentions, exclusions etc) with the click of a button, you can setup your own letter templates. A lettter log is also included allowing you to see any letters you have sent.



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