Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress 0.47

You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated world
0.47.03 (See all)

Dwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated, persistent world.

Main Features:

- The world is randomly generated with distinct civilizations spanning over 1000 years of detailed history, dozens of towns, hundreds of caves and regions with various wildlife.
- The world persists as long as you like, over many games, recording historical events and tracking changes.
- Command your dwarves as they search for wealth in the mountain.
- Play an adventurer and explore, quest for glory or seek vengeance.
- The combat model uses skills, body parts, individual tissues, material properties, aimed attacks, wrestling, one-time opportunities, charging and dodging between squares, bleeding, pain, nausea, various poison effects and much more.
- A dynamic weather model tracks wind, humidity and air masses to create fronts, clouds, rain storms and blizzards.
- Over two hundred rock and mineral types are incorporated into the world, placed in their proper geological environments.
- Add new creatures, weapons, plants, metals and other objects via modifiable text files.
- Extended ASCII character set rendered in 16 colors (including black) as well as 8 background colors (including black).

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