Buddi 3.4

A lightweight personal finance tool for managing your income and budget.
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Buddi allows users to manage their personal finance within a lightweight environment. With this application you will be able to effectively manage your budget, create, schedule transactions as well as generate reports for a specified time interval. Users can extend the program's capabilities (import, export and synchronize data) with the help of plug-ins.

The utility can handle multiple types of accounts (cash, chequing, investment, savings, credit card, loan etc) as well as various budget categories (salary, groceries, investment expenses, utilities etc). You may add and remove account types as well as categories depending on your needs.

Buddi generates HTML based reports that will be opened automatically in your default browser. The application can create reports, pie graphs, charts based on expenses, income, net worth over a selected time period.

An important program feature is the ability to backup all Buddi data and lock it using an encryption algorithm.

In terms of layout, Buddi is quite minimalistic; the three managing sections (accounts, budget and reports) are displayed in a tabbed interface. The utility includes no toolbar or buttons for managing transactions or accounts; you will have to use the file menu or keyboard shortcuts (for the functions associated to hotkeys). Buddi may not be the most flexible and feature rich personal finance tool but it is certainly effective and simple to use.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Transactions scheduler
  • Plug-in support
  • Reports generator


  • Program functions only available in the file menu
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