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Compare and merge text-based files and folders.
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Analyze the differences between two folders or text files. Optionally, merge the content of selected items to optimize storage and management. Add content to any of the loaded files and change materials between versions. Assign identifications to different elements.

CompareMerge is an utility for the comparison and merging of files. You can compare two text-based files to see if there are any differences between them. But you can also carry out a comparison between folders that contain text-based files. The app has a file filter system that allows you to include or exclude files that match a certain expression.

When you first launch the app, you will see two fields where you can drag files. The fields are labeled left and right. When you load two files and start the comparison process, the window will be transformed into a two-paned window, and the files will be loaded on the left or right according to the place where you dragged them.

In my testing, I used two RTF files that I created with TextEdit. I used the same text but I deleted one word in the second file. Then I loaded them and started the process. Instantly, the files were shown in their respective panes and the application title window showed that there was 1 difference between the files. It wasn't easy to see what the difference was, because I had to manually scroll through the text. Both panes showed code, which I assume is formatting code for the RTF file, which leads me to believe that the app is more for coders and web designers than for people who deal with texts.

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  • Very useful for coders
  • Lots of features


  • Not so useful for regular text comparison


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