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Free Rediscover your apps. We've purchased and accumulated a ton of applications on our Macs.
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ShuffleApp randomly selects an app in the Applications folder and allows the user to open it or move on to the next random selection. It displays a large 512x512 icon for the selected application along with its name and category, if available. A sliding animation accompanies the choice to move to the next app, and ShuffleApp automatically closes if the user chooses to open the selected app.

ShuffleApp is designed for those who have downloaded so many applications from the App Store that they've lost track of what programs they have in their Applications folder. ShuffleApp does not select files other than software, folders, or any files within folders in the Applications folder. I have my programs organized into folders within the Applications folder, so the inability of ShuffleApp to search recursively makes it useless to me. It also doesn't appear to work on Mountain Lion.

Sam's Protip: If you're drowning in App Store, I'd recommend you organize them or delete some rather than depending on this program. You can always download them again when you need them. Look up instructions for how to recursively unlock files if you want to make this a painless process.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Fun way to rediscover your crowded-out apps
  • Big display shows icons the way they were meant to be seen
  • Only picks out application files


  • Does not find applications in folders
  • May not work on Mac OS 10.8



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  • Random selection app