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Color Schemer Studio 2.0

ColorSchemer Studio helps you create harmonious color schemes.
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ColorSchemer Studio is an application designed to help you create harmonious color schemes, which you can print or use on the web. You can also save all these color combinations and use them later, whenever you might need them. There are many possibilities to get the color palette you desire. For example, you can use the color wheel and, having made a choice, you can find all the matching colors and hues.

In addition, you can get a color scheme from a picture or an image you drop into the application. You can also use various color schemes created by other people who use this program or you can use your imagination and create your own blends of colors.

The utility also allows you to preview the color schemes you create on different layouts, in order to get the wanted contrast and have the best result in the end. What our eyes find easy to follow, our brain finds easy to accept, so it is important to be able to check the readability of your text and image as a whole, to see how it contrasts in the background. This application can do this for you, thanks to the Contrast Analyzer function and, even more, it can even show you how a person with color deficient eyesight will see your color schemes.

Amelia Wagner
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  • The clear and simple interface makes this utility accessible to a wide range of users


  • The trial version has some limitations (15-day trial and nag screen)
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