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Free Cryptid Puzzle Challenge is a very simple puzzle game.
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Cryptid Puzzle Challenge is a puzzle game made by an independent game developer for a design competition. The task of the competition was to create an application that had to do with cryptozoology, or the search of animals that have not been proved to exist. You have to complete a challenge that involves aligning four images together to create a shape. There are four buttons on the screen, numbered 1 through 4. Each buttons control the rotation of one of the images. If you click with the left mouse, the image will be rotated clockwise, and if you click with the right one, it will be rotate counter-clockwise. Once you have uncovered the image, you will move up to the next puzzle. There are only four, and once you completed them all, the game will be over. There are four small boxes on the right part of the window, which will show the images that you unlock as you play the game.

The real challenge of the game is that you need to find the images fast, before the timer runs down. You get an additional 30 seconds for every puzzle that you complete.

In short, although this is a short game, not too fun, and not challenging, credit has to be given to the developer for creating it out of scratch in just 48 hours.

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  • Good design
  • Instructions


  • Not challenging
  • Not entertaining
  • Only four images



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