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Free Split large PDF documents into single-page or short multi-page PDFs.
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PDFs Split & Merge is a simple application designed to help you split multi-page PDF documents, merge multiple PDFs into a single file, and unlock protected PDFs.
The program has a minimalist interface that displays as pictograms the three major functions the tool provides. Once you click on the Split PDF icon, a browsing window opens up so you can search and select the document you want to divide. The moment your file is loaded, four splitting rules become available so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Therefore, you can turn a large PDF document into multiple single-page PDFs, extract particular pages from the source file, determine a custom page range to split, and divide at a specific interval of pages. Then, you just enable the splitting operation and wait for the pop-up window where to rename the resulting file(s) and determine the output folder.

When it comes to the Merge feature, things don't stand as well as with the split options. The free version of this tool allows you to import only one document. Being unable to load a second source file, the merge function becomes useless. As with the Unlock feature, I really don't get how it can help you, considering that if you want to split a protected PDF, you are asked, within the splitting module, to enter the file's password. Therefore, I consider the Unlock feature useless as well, since it doesn't remove the protection without knowing the password.

In short, PDFs Split & Merge is limited only at splitting large PDF documents into single-page or short multi-page PDFs. The other two functions are superfluous.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Splits large PDFs into single- or shorter multi-page files
  • Four splitting rules


  • Doesn't support dragging and dropping the source file into the app
  • The Merge and the Unlock functions are useless


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