coconutBattery 2.8

coconutBattery is an app that monitors laptop battery health.

coconutBattery is an app that monitors laptop battery health. It provides the battery's charge (current and maximum) and capacity (current and design) in mAh, as well as your Mac's model and age and the battery's number of loadcycles, current temperature, and power usage.

The maximum capacity and cycles elapsed for the current date can be saved and viewed internally, and compared with the capacity and cycles on prior dates. This data can be exported to a coconutBattery archive file, which can then be imported onto other application instances, or it can be exported to an Excel-friendly CSV file.

Another feature is the program's preferences panel, which allows the user to enter a custom battery capacity and/or custom computer serial number, as well as choose their preferred unit of temperature and enable automatic updates.

coconutBattery also provides access to a beta web service that compares your battery health against the average of other users, so you can see where you stand in keeping your battery in shape as it ages.

Sam's Protip: I have a certain fondness for this app because it was recommended to me by an IT professional. But there are other free battery tracking apps that may suit your needs better.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Capability to save, compare, export, and import data snapshots
  • Customizable design capacity figure


  • Limited information available
  • No menu bar capability
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