coconutBattery 3.0

Battery information tool for MacBook/Pro/Air.

coconutBattery isn't just a tool which shows you only the current charge of your battery - it also shows you the current maximum capacity of it in relation to the original capacity your battery had as it left the factory. You also get information about the battery-loadcycles (how often did you fully load your battery), the current charger (coconutBattery even warns you if you plugged in a wrong charger for your Notebook) and last but not least information about the age of your Mac. coconutBattery gives you all these information just in time because of it's live-feedback interface! Of course you are able to save the current maximum capacity of your battery - with just one click! coconutBattery uses Apple's new and really powerful technology named "CoreData" to realize this comfortable saving option. And last but not least: coconutBattery is Universal Binary
What's new in this version:
- New user interface
- Much more displayed data (i.e. age of the battery, technical details when battery has a defect)

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