Cocoa Poker 1.6

Free Cocoa Poker is a video poker game for Mac OS X. The game is simple to play.
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Peter Schart
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Cocoa Poker is a video poker game for Mac OS X. It has been around in one form or another since shortly after OS X 10.0 was released but it was only foisted upon the unwashed masses sometime in October 2002. Before that it existed only as a small program written to learn more about Cocoa and Objective-C. Eventually the game progressed to a point where I thought it was a fairly decent (if not simplistic) little game and I decided to release it to see what people would think of it. The response was mostly positive and I continued to improve the game both with my own ideas and with the ideas and submissions (read: better artwork than I could make) of many people who wrote to tell me their thoughts about the game.

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