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Claw is a commercial downloader manager for the Mac.
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Claw is a commercial downloader manager for the Mac. I guess you could use this as a replacement for the default download manager that comes with your web browser. After all, they work alike, with the exception that Claw comes with some advanced features that you will not find in a regular download manager.

The main way Claw is different from the download manager in your web browser is that it is a standalone app. In other words, it is independent from the browser. Claw is also very minimalistic. All you need to do to start a download is copy the URL of the file that you want to download. When you open Claw, it will automatically paste the URL and you can start the download by clicking on the red button below the URL field. You can have as many active downloads as you want, and you can pause them or stop them. Claw will keep a history of all the files it has downloaded, and you can easily switch between history and download modes. The app also supports bandwidth throttling and download resume. You can minimize the Claw window and call it from the menubar at any time.

In conclusion, Claw is a nice download manager. It only costs $1.99 and it works well.

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