ChapterWork 1.5

Utility for working with the chapter tracks and markers in your digital movies.
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ChapterWork is a modern utility for working with the chapter tracks and markers in your digital movies. Built on Apple's AVFoundation technology, ChapterWork frees users from using labor-intensive text-based tools and provides simple and effective methods for creating, updating and internationalizing your movie's chapter tracks.
ChapterWork 1.1.1 includes the following key features:
* Single Window User Interface:
ChapterWork uses a single window graphical user interface which makes text-based methods for managing chapter tracks obsolete.
* Multiple Chapter Tracks:
ChapterWork can create multiple chapter tracks. These tracks can be manually or automatically enabled to handle the various playback circumstances, for example multiple languages or varying download speeds.
* Track and Marker Duplication:
ChapterWork allows you to re-use and re-purpose existing tracks. This is ideal for tasks like track internationalization, where the time markers keep the same position, but the marker names require localization.
* Visual Track Summaries:
ChapterWorks dynamically generates visual summaries to show users the thumbnails associated with each time marker.
* Unlimited Chapters:
Whether you need one chapter marker or one thousand, we leave that decision up to you. ChapterWork doesn't impose any artificial limit on the number of markers in any track.
* Easy Internationalization:
Use ChapterWork to create multiple chapter tracks, assigning a specific language to each. Playback tools, like QuickTime X, can use these associations to present local language chapter markers based on the user's current settings.
* Batch Processing:
ChapterWork exports your movie using a background task. This allows you to work on other activities without waiting for movie processing to finish. Use the Activity Monitor to track your export's progress.
* Sharing:
Once you have created a new movie, ChapterWork allows you to share the completed output movie via e-mail or using popular internet services (such as Vimeo).
* Modern Codecs:
ChapterWork works with the modern movie formats supported by AVFoundation. In certain circumstances, legacy codecs that will not play in the ChapterWork Preview can be modernized to provide a playable output movie.



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