BSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator for Mac OS X designed for accuracy.

BSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator for Mac OS X designed for accuracy. As the developer states on the project's website, this emulator wasn't designed for performance (to run well on most computers); it was designed to emulate the Super Nintendo gaming console as accurately as possible, without consideration for the minimum requirements needed to run the app. However, when you download BSNES, you will find three different apps: one for accuracy, one for compatibility and one for performance. So you get to choose how you want to run your ROMs.

I did my testing with the Accuracy app, just because I liked the scope of this project. I have an Intel Mac, so I meet the minimum requirements.

From the start, the emulator seemed slow and the sound didn't play well (compared to what I am used to in an emulator). There were some options in the preferences menu that I could have played with to improve the performance, but I didn't. What I did do was open the Performance emulator and that one worked perfect. You can download an extra module to add support for gamepads and joysticks.

All in all, with BSNES you get a fully functional emulator and a nice proof of concept (accuracy).

José Fernández
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  • The Performance app works well
  • Accuracy is a nice proof of concept


  • You have to download a module to enable gamepad support
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