Blackmagic RAW Player 4.0

Free View clips in Blackmagic RAW format, with high-quality, lossless images.
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View clips in the Blackmagic RAW format. This versatile application supports playback of media in the Blackmagic RAW format, as well as media files with the .braw file extension, and offers superior quality and ease of use compared to popular video formats. It combines the advantages of RAW recording with advanced digital film technologies, delivering visually lossless images that are perfect for high-resolution, high-frame-rate, and high-dynamic-range workflows.

Blackmagic RAW Player lets you view clips in Blackmagic RAW format. The application can playback media in the Blackmagic RAW format or media with the .braw file extension.
Blackmagic RAW is a modern codec that's easier to use and much better quality than popular video formats, but with all the benefits of RAW recording. Featuring multiple digital film technologies, Blackmagic RAW gives you visually lossless images that are ideal for high resolution, high frame rate, and high dynamic range workflows. Blackmagic RAW can be used for acquisition as well as throughout the post-production process.

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