Biplanes 1.01

Biplanes is a fun and addictive action game for Mac.

Biplanes is an entertaining action game for Mac that provides you with a fun way to spend your break at work, for example. You won't have access to many missions, though, you can choose among three gameplay modes, play against other online users, and add various upgrades to your plane.

The game features nicely-drawn and colorful graphics and animations, a fitting background music, and the option to play levels by using a GamePad that's connected to your Mac. You can also adjust the music and sound effects volume according to your needs and select the proper resolution for the main window.

As I mentioned before, the app offers you three gameplay modes: Balloons (you need to blast as many balloons as you can in a given amount of time), Race (go through as many checkpoints as you can before you run out of time), and Online (race against other users). After completing a mission of any type (Balloons, Race or Online) you will collect a certain amount of coins which you can use to acquire parts for your aircraft.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the game lacks an option to control the plane using the keyboard keys. Trying to handle the aircraft with the mouse seemed a little difficult.

All in all, this is a free game and it comes in handy whenever you're on a break from work.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nicely-drawn animations and graphics
  • Provides you with three gameplay modes
  • You can play against other online users
  • Free of charge


  • Pretty difficult to handle the planes' flying direction
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