Durak 1.0

This application is a fun and addictive card game for Mac.
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Lost Token Software LLC

Durak is an exciting game for Mac where your goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponent does. The gameplay consists of turn-based confrontations and the player who cannot defend against an attack will take all the played cards from the play area.

The app provides you with a detailed tutorial where you can learn about the game's rules and how to proceed on various card attack situations. In addition, during the gameplay, you can click the "?" button and take benefit of very useful hints.

You can play against one to three computer opponents or challenge users from all over the world. Unfortunately, the app doesn't allow you to save game progress, even if you choose to play the single player mode. Another thing I don't like about Durak is the fact that it doesn't let you adjust the music and sound effects volume to match your needs (you can only enable or disable these options). Furthermore, you can't quit the tutorial; the only way to get back to main menu window is to complete the game's briefing.

Even though the app brings several flaws, I still consider it's worth trying Durak, especially if you're a fan of card games. This application provides you with challenging gameplay, lets you play against users from all over the world, and comes with no price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Interactive interface
  • Offers you plenty of useful game instructions
  • Lets you play against users from all over the world


  • Unable to adjust sound volume
  • Unable to save game progress
  • You can't quit the tutorial
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