Bijou 1.5

A matching puzzle game with relaxing visuals.
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Solve puzzles on a virtual board. Move the multi-colored objects visualized as gems in a peaceful environment. Combine items of similar shape and color to create a combination and clear part of the board. Increase your score, finish levels, and unlock more content.

In Bijou, be prepared to enter the cute world of Bijou and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique puzzle game. Everything is made to envelop you in a relaxing, but also mind-challenging, universe.
Arrange the colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more to enter the next level. Keep doing this until you have beaten the last level. The more matches you make the higher your score. Besides a subtle strategy, variousrewards will help you to solve levels in a faster way.
The combination of easy control, simple to learn, plus unlimited levels makes Bijou a nearly never ending game experience for your whole family.

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