Flip Words 2

Flip Words 2 is a game in which you must form words from the given letters.
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Flip Words 2 is an enjoyable word game in which you must form words from the given letters. The game includes three modes: Classic, Strategy and Party. In Classic mode, you must make words and solve familiar phrases. In Strategy mode, you also put words together and solve phrases, but here you earn tokens to buy vowels. Finally, in Party mode, you can play with up to three players online. The game includes a board full of letters and in order to make a word you must click on adjacent letters to make links, and then press the 'Submit' button. Each word must be at least 3 letters long.

The first letter of each word you find may be used to uncover the hidden phrase. If you think you know the phrase, you must click the 'Guess phrase' button. You have several turns to discover the phrase, and if you run out of them, the game is over. If you can't find words, you can 'Shuffle' the letters, but you will lose one turn. Moreover, for every word you form, you will be given points. There are certain letters that can double or even triple your score if you use them to make words. The game features nice, but very simple graphics and sounds, and suitable, but very repetitive music that gets very annoying after a while.

In short, if you like word games, I'm sure you will enjoy Flip Words 2.

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  • Three modes
  • Enjoyable


  • Annoying music
  • Simple graphics and sounds



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