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Displays a resizable clock floating on Mac screen.
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BigClock is an application that shows the time on your screen. The size of the displayed clock can be adjusted to fit your needs so you can see it from a distance. This way, you will know what time is even when you place yourself far from the computer screen.

The size of the clock can be increased or decreased according to your preferences. In addition, you can select a favorite color and set the opacity of the floating clock so it won't obstruct the view of other windows beneath it. By default, the time format of the clock is that of your system, yet you can change it into 12h or 24h format at any moment. You have the ability to center the clock on your screen or you can drag it towards a custom place on the desktop. Furthermore, the tool lets you configure basic time sessions for your activities. Optionally, the application will alert you after a specific time interval.

In short, BigClock is a time-displaying application that showcases a large clock on your Mac screen. The clock image will always float above other windows so you can see the current time at any moment. Unfortunately, date information are not available and the clock can't be hidden beneath active windows.

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  • Adjust clock size
  • Set clock opacity and color
  • Change time format


  • Lacks date-related information
  • Can't hide the clock beneath active windows



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