BBTidy 1.0

BBEdit plugin that checks & corrects HTML/XML
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1.0 beta (See all)
Terry Teague

BBTidy is a BBEdit (and BBEdit Lite) plugin designed to check and correct HTML and XML source. It is based on the freely available "tidy" program by Dave Raggett.
What's new in this version:
Updated to last "Tidy Classic" source of 01 Dec 02 (many bug fixes and features added since 04 Aug 00). Added support for updated configuration dialog, including character encoding popup menu, more config options dialog. Added support for multi-byte savvy versions of BBEdit. Updated to latest version of BBEdit Plug-In SDK. Added Preferences ResEdit template resource ('TMPL'). Use later versions of BBEdit callbacks where available. Changed way multi-byte text is handled. Added BBEdit plug-in info...

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