Bass Amp Room 1.3

It handles all your bass amp needs, from dirty rock to modern clean.
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Softube AB
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Bass Amp Room was designed to handle all your bass amp needs, from dirty rock to modern clean, keeping two equally important goals in mind. The first was to give the user the best possible sound quality. The latter was to create an intuitive plug-in which allows for a really fast work flow. Time is money, but cutting down on time shouldn't mean you have to accept poor results.

Bass Amp Room consists of a model of a classic bass amplifier, three distinctive speaker cabinets with click-and-drag mics, and a blendable DI section with tone controls and a limiter. That's it. And it's all you need to create a unique signature sound - the strength lies in the ease of use of the individual blocks and the huge range of sounds these can produce when combined.

In short, Bass Amp Room is all about getting a sound you know you can trust, and getting it quickly, from a plug-in you don't need a degree in computer science to handle.

Authentic amp and cabinet modeling
Three versatile and good-sounding cabinets
Designed for excellent results and fast work flow
Built-in one-knob limiter in D.I. panel
Easy to use mix and D.I. panel
Flexible & continuous click-and-drag mic positioning
Fully automatable parameters
3-D rendered photo-realistic user interface
Compatible with all effects that work with real amps
Amp/Cab Bypass possiblities let you use cabinets from other Amp Room products



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