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Basketmania All Stars is an arcade basketball game.
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Basketmania All Stars is an arcade basketball game. It features several modes that let you test your basketball skills against a computer opponent or a human player. I reviewed another version of this game a while back, called simply Basketmania. The gameplay engine is the same in both versions, which means that the controls and the graphics are identical. However, the "All Stars" version comes with some extra modes that are quite fun to play.

The new game modes are Time Attack, Around the World, Twenty One, and Horse. In Time Attack, you have to score thirty baskets as fast as possible. The balls appear randomly on the screen, so some will be closer to the basket than others, thus making it hard to score consistently and fast. In Around The World, the objective is to score three baskets in a row from each star to advance to the next one. When you do that in all the stars, you win. Twenty one and Horse are very popular basketball mini games. In Twenty One, whoever scores exactly 21 points wins and in Horse, you have to shoot from a certain position, and if your opponent doesn't score from that same position on the court, you are awarded a letter. When you complete the word HORSE, you win.

Basketmania All Stars comes with a lot of fun gameplay modes that are not available in the classic Basketmania game. If you are a basketball fan, you will certainly enjoy this game.

José Fernández
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