Pinball HD

Pinball HD 2.8

Simply the best Pinball for OS X awaiting you.

Pinball HD is a great multi-platform pinball simulator. It is available for Mac OS X, Tegra, iPad and iPhone. I tried both the iPhone and Mac OS X versions and I liked the latter best. It is just a very realistic simulation of the game of pinball, with very detailed graphics and wonderfully made pinball tables. There are three pinballs available: Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style. Each one of them has different features and they play a bit differently, which is a great thing.

The controls are very simple, you move the left flipper with the left arrow key and the right one with the right arrow key. You can move or "shake" the game with the spacebar, just like you would in the real life. And this action has the same effect. If you over do it, you will get a TILT message and the game will be over.

Everything about this game is well made. The textures and the graphics are of exquisite design. The ball moves realistically enough and the game is authentic and fun to play.

I used to play pinball a lot when the Arcades were popular. I used to spend a lot of money on them. Now, I can play pinball at home for only $2.99. The reviews at the Mac App Store have only good things to say about this app. It is just a shame that there isn't a trial version.

José Fernández
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