BabyFeedingLog 2.1

Infant activity and consumption tracking system.
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BabyFeedingLog is a program that allows you to track the feeding, diapering, medications and more for your babies -- from just one baby to as many as you like. BabyFeedingLog can handle liquid feeds, like formula or pumped breastmilk, solid feeds like oatmeal or vegetable purees, as many medications as you need to track, time-stamped notes about your baby, vaccinations. And all of this can be tracked for as many infants as you like, for as long as you like. Tracking this information with BabyFeedingLog gives you a powerful tool for managing the health of your child. You don't have to guess how much your baby is eating or the answer to the ever-present "how many wet diapers has he had" question. With BabyFeedingLog, you can know exactly what is going on and, if problems seem to be brewing, you can have a much earlier idea of it. Best of all, BabyFeedingLog was created by a parent who happens to be a programmer and who uses the product daily to track his own children's information; meaning that this product is designed with you in mind -- software by parents, for parents.
What's new in this version:
* Changed the way text entries for Notes and Firsts are handled internally in order to allow for quotes and other special characters to be used. * Price drop to $29.95

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