Awesome Screenshot -- Capture, Annotate and Share screenshot 2.3

Free A small browser extension for taking webpage snapshots.
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Awesome Screenshot is a browser extension that allows users to take snapshots of webpages, annotate and share them. It is available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. With this small tool, you can fully document your browsing experience quickly and effortlessly.

As with most extensions, Awesome Screenshot is placed in the browser's toolbar as an icon. You can take a snapshot of the visible area of the webpage, crop a specific area or the whole page altogether. Once the image has been captured, users may apply a set of annotation shapes and types: rectangles, arrows, lines, text, ellipse, all with a different color. If you want to remove bits of content, the extension allows you to blur it out of the image.

After editing the snapshot, you can save it locally (as a PNG image format), share it via an email or through a social service.

Awesome Screenshot extends the usual functionality of a browser snapshot tool by adding extra annotation capabilities. The extension runs fast, it is quite straightforward to use and what's more, it is free.

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