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Easiest way to archive web pages. Drag & Drop web page link on Wropper's icon in menu-bar.
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Wropper is the easiest way to archive web pages.
Drag & Drop web page link on Wropper's icon in menu-bar. Wropper will convert the web page to PDF with original layout then save the PDF to local disk and/or Amazon S3 in background. A link to the PDF will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Wropper also support to archive web pages into safari webarchive format in version 1.5.
- Features:
* Drag & Drop
* Convert web page to PDF and webarchive with original layout, format and embedded content.
* Automatically upload the converted files to your own Amazon S3 account. These files is absolutely under your control.
* Unique, downloadable link for the converted files with a specifiable expiration date.
* Automatically copy the link to your clipboard.
- Why PDF format? 
Simple to read, annotate and share on different devices with retaining the original layout for most web contents.
- Why webarchive format?
The webarchive file format is available on Mac OS X and Windows for saving and reviewing complete web pages using the Safari web browser. It's the best way to keep consistent with the original pages.
- Here are some examples about PDF conversion, https://gist.github.com/3878154
Please note, there are some web pages will not be converted to PDF as expected.
* Web pages with iframe can't be converted correctly.
* Dynamic contents, such as video, audio, animation, flash, dynamic css/javascript styles in web pages can't be converted correctly.
* Protected web pages, such as requiring access to login or certification can't be converted.

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