Auction Listing Designer

Auction Listing Designer 3.4

This App helps you create beautiful and professional auction listings.
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This App helps you create beautiful and professional auction listings.
Feature list:
*Easy to use drag and drop auction listing design editor
*Use different web font styles, colors, hyperlinks and add unlimited number of photos.
*Integrates with your FTP account for publishing images to your own web server
*Also available for the iPhone and iPad! Save and edit your auction designs when you're on the go with the iOS edition of Auction Listing Designer (sold separately on the iOS App Store)
When you are ready to publish your listing on eBay, this App generates HTML code based on your design, so you wouldn't need to write a single line of code. But if you are tech savvy, you will have the option to modify 100% of the generated code as well!
To publish a listing on eBay, simply copy and paste the code into the Description field of your auction listing and you're all set!
Questions & Feedback? Please email us at, we will be happy to help!
- Create professional listings Add unlimited number of images, paragraphs and hyper links with the simple to use drag and drop editor
- Save, update and reuse. Save your customized listing designs and make copies of your work so you can increase your productivity by creating once, update and reuse!
- Professionally designed templates Start your creative design from a blank canvas or choose from dozens of beautifully crafted templates
- Automatically generate thumbnails linked to full size images Resize image thumbnails within the App, automatically link thumbnails to its larger full resolution versions.
- Upload images to your own web host provider Upload to your own web host through the built-in FTP uploader
- 100% Editable HTML code You have full control over the source code generated by this App, and will be able to make manual edits if you wish to before posting into the auction listing
- Create and update listing templates on the go Get Auction Listing Designer (iOS Universal edition) to edit your auction designs on both the computer and your mobile devices. The iOS edition is sold separately on the iOS App Store.
- Style text and paragraphs with dozens of beautiful font styles
- Supports hundreds of gorgeous colors and shades
- Re-size images right within the App
- HTML generation engine presents neatly formatted HTML and CSS source code

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