Ask For Password 1.4

Free Outlook Express or Entourage password protection script
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Microcosm Software
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This script is a password protection script for Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Entourage. The script provides the same level of security found in Outlook Express version 4.x. The script prompts you for a password when your emailer is launched. It also allows you to change your password and set certain characteristics of the script via a built-in user interface. The script has full support for multiple identities.
What's new in this version:
Changed the code for opening and closing the Main window and for obtaining the current identity into raw event code. This prevents AppleScript from asking you to locate "Outlook Express" or "Microsoft Entourage" if you do not have it installed. The bad side effect of this is that you have to edit some parts of the script each time you save the script, or the script will generate errors the next time you run it. If you edit the script, please read the IMPORTANT NOTICE at the top of the s...



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