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Free Provides anonymous access to the Internet by rerouting traffic.
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Dr. Hannes Federrath
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JonDo is intended to provide anonymous access to the Internet by rerouting traffic through a cascade of different proxies. The application´s interface may look somewhat outdated. However, it displays a lot of important details, such as the services being used, current speed, network response time and exit IP address.

While the application itself is not difficult to use, it does not work out of the box as your system’s proxy configuration is not changed automatically, which means you need to do that manually for each of the apps you want to anonymize.

JonDoc uses servers distributed all over the world to subsequently channel your Internet traffic through various of them. This could be enough to hide your real IP; however, it additionally encrypts all the traffic going through the proxy cascade to prevent data theft. Regrettably, one of the undesirable effects of connecting through so many proxies is slow data transfer speeds. While it is good that the product is cross-platform, being a Java app means that it uses a lot of RAM and be may feel sluggish at times.

All in all, JonDo is excellent for anonymizing your presence in the Internet. This way, you will be able to surf the Web, send email messages and chat with others without being traced to your real IP. The product is open-source, but this basic free version restricts the number of proxy cascades as well as connection speed, which you can avoid by upgrading to a Premium account.

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  • Highly anonymous connection
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Worldwide server network


  • Slow connection speeds
  • High memory usage
  • May feel sluggish at times


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