Arq 5.19

Back up and restore your important files with ease.

Arq is a Mac utility designed to help you back up your local directories to your Cloud service accounts. The application works with various types of Cloud service accounts, provides you with easy-to-configure settings, and gives you access to a comprehensive help manual.

The first thing you need to do after installing the program on your Mac is to configure the output settings for the backup process. To be more exact, you need to select the preferred Cloud service, enter your account credentials, and choose the directories you wish to back up. Once everything's set, the app will get the job done, saving copies of your local files to the indicated Cloud service account.

The only thing missing from this program is an option to schedule backup tasks. This feature might prove to be of good use especially if you want to back up your local data at a specific time of the day when you're not working on your Mac.

Another disadvantage is the fact that the app occasionally runs slow, especially when altering the options for backup selections (the folders selected for the backup process).

Still, Arq brings you many useful advantages and might come in handy if you own multiple Cloud service accounts for backing up your files.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Keeps multiple versions of your files
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Lets you back up your data to various types of Cloud service accounts


  • Lacks an option to schedule backup tasks
  • Occasionally runs slow, especially when changing backup selections
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