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Increase your productivity by accessing apps, files, and folders.
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Application Wizard is intended to facilitate performing some operations that involve applications, including opening, quitting, showing and hiding them. In many respects, it works like a mixture of Finder, Dock and an application launcher. Regrettably, its help documentation does not really help you take advantage of everything this tool has to offer.

Once installed, it runs automatically with the system. When in use, the application runs practically invisibly as panel with a set of small buttons, similar to those serving to maximize and close windows. The button colors follow the same conventions as the system; thus, the blue button lets you open apps, while the red one closes them, and so on. Luckily, you can perform such operations on groups of apps.

Besides applications, the tool can also be used to browse through different volumes as well as frequent folders. Likewise, it provides fast access to your favorite files, libraries and slideshows. What is more, it supports previewing various file types, such as images, movies, PDF and sound. And if you are an advanced user, you even get the possibility to run scripts.

Luckily, Application Wizard is very customizable. In this respect, it adds a new panel to System Preferences, which you can use to configure groups, manage the applications in each of them and create menu items. Similarly, it allows personalizing the appearance of the tool. For instance, you can change its position on the screen or change the size of the panel. more

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  • Manages groups of apps
  • Fast access to files and folders
  • File previewing
  • Very customizable
  • Runs scripts


  • Poor help documentation



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