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With it, quickly execute shell commands, launch files and URLs.
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AppLaunch brings a popular feature encountered on Windows and Unix systems to Mac users. With this tool you are able to quickly execute shell commands, launch files as well as URLs. If you have made the transition to Mac from Windows or a Unix operating system, you will be glad to find a similar tool to Run or Launch.

The utility allows users to edit environment variables. You can add or remove processes and control how the applications will run.

When you type in the command, the associated item will run instantly. This comes at the cost of security. However, with AppLaunch you may execute shell commands with super-user rights; granting the utility such privileges requires authentication.

I was able to quickly run some of the utilities stored in the Mac's Applications folder simply by typing their names (Calculator, App Store or iTunes). Application launchers usually have a task scheduler integrated (for times when you want to run repetitive backup tasks for instance) but AppLaunch does not have one.

From the Preferences Panel users can save a specific number of commands that have been executed successfully in a history file. This way you do not have to type the same command again, thus save time.

AppLaunch offers an intuitive shell commands launcher. The fact that it is easily customizable through the use of environment variables should appeal to advanced users.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Set custom environment variables
  • Commands history
  • Can launch files and URLs
  • Lightweight and open-source


  • May pose security issues by running shell commands with admin privileges
  • No task scheduling
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