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"environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus, relax or reminisce.
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Ambiance is an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus, relax or reminisce. Features: Over 5000 Free Ambiance Exclusive Sounds Only download the sounds you want. With more sounds added weekly the Ambiance library keeps growing and growing! Create Custom Mixes Make custom sound mixes using only the sounds you want, to create the perfect blend. Each sound has it's own volume control, so changing your mix is as simple as moving a slider. Mini Mode Who says you have to be focused on your Ambiance environment all the time? Put Ambiance out of the way with Mini Mode as you check email, surf the web, or play games. Highest Quality Sounds All sounds go through a rigorous quality check and special loop processing to make them just right. You will always get a perfect loop -- never hearing a "Pop" or a "Gap". Sleep Peacefully Fall asleep to a comforting sound so you can doze off gently as it fades out. Enhance your nap using a customized Ambiance Timer to fade-in or fade-out as you snooze. Change It Up Cycle Mode seamlessly switches to the next sound on any of your Ambiance playlists. Enjoy many different sound environments effortlessly as Ambiance moves you from one sound to the next. Search or Browse through the Free Ambiance Sound store. Explore categories such as "Rain", "Urban Indoors", "Household", "Wind" and more. High-quality images accompany every sound. Full text descriptions accompany every sound Read about what you are listening to. No network connection needed After downloading your sounds, you do not need a network connection to play sounds. Fully Customizable Player Timer Want to fade out the player while you nap for 1/2 hour? Easy. Full-featured Ambiance sound player Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Shuffle, all the standards. Familiar Look and Feel Ambiance feels natural to use and is dead simple to figure out. Request a sound All sounds start as customer requests. If you want a sound we don't have, just ask.

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