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Free Air Doc is the ultimate solution for transferring documents, movies, songs, etc to your iPad/iPhone.
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Air Doc is the ultimate solution for transferring documents, movies, songs, etc to your iPad/iPhone. New on iOS: share files between iPhones/iPads using an on-the-go bluetooth connection.
Just drag a graphic file into the Live Preview area on the Mac - every time you save your graphic, the preview on the iPad or iPhone will be updated immediately.
Works for psd (Photoshop), ai (Illustrator), jpeg, png, pdf and even HTML files.
Simply drag & drop your files into the Air Doc App (get it for free in the Mac App Store) and they will open up immediately on your iPad or iPhone.
Access your files from any operating system (OSX or Windows) using your browser. Even stream movies directly from your iOS device to your browser (works out of the box for OSX clients, other operating systems may need additional plugins or codecs).
No cloud or internet access needed - no data leaves your local network if you don't want it to.
Transferred documents can be opened with any supported App on your iOS device (eg in Pages or Numbers)
Use Air Doc to replace your Mac's secondary display with your iPad - enhanced by the touch capabilities of your iOS device, but without the need to install any drivers.
Simply drag movies and songs to your iOS device to view them offline - even stream to your AppleTV using AirPlay.
The Air Doc Viewer App for your iPhone/iPad is available in the App Store.
From Mac to iOS: all your devices must have access to the same LAN (or WLAN) - no additional network configuration is needed.
From iOS to iOS: no network configuration needed at all. Just enable bluetooth.
- transfer files between devices using bluetooth
- import or export images from camera or photo library
- Live Preview: every time you save your graphic, the preview on the device will be updated
- transfer files to your iOS device, simply by drag&drop
- upload your files to iCloud and have them available anywhere
- upload and download files using your web browser
- exchange files using iTunes file sharing (using USB cable)
- send and display a screenshot to your iOS device with one click or by hotkey (Cmd-Alt-S)
- send and display the current clipboard with one click or by hotkey (Cmd-Alt-V)
- supported document formats: pdf, doc, xls, pages, numbers, txt, rtf - anything QuickLook can show
- supported multimedia formats: m4v, m4a, mp3 - anything iOS can play
- Air Doc for iOS is an universal app, runs on iPhone and iPad
- stores your last uploads for access when offline
- zero configuration network support (Bonjour)

- share photos with your friends on the go
- preview your work in progress directly on your iPhone or iPad
- use it as an enhanced secondary display for your Mac
- sync files between your iOS devices using iCloud
- transfer files from any operating system in your browser
- transfer your documents from any Mac fast and easy just by drag&drop - like a wireless USB stick
- simply drop a web url and it will immediately open in a browser on your iOS device
- use it to distribute handouts without the need for email, iTunes or any cloud space - fast and easy
- drop movies to watch them on your iOS device and take them with you, even stream your movies using AirPlay
- drop movies or songs to your friends iOS device without any pairing or cables
- store recently transferred files on your iOS device for later viewing (without the need for any network access)
We always want to improve our apps, so if you encounter any errors or if you have any suggestions, please write to

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