Mac Password Manager Ascendo DataVault

Mac Password Manager Ascendo DataVault 4.5

Store confidential information using powerful encryption.
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DataVault Password Manager provides comprehensive password management for individuals and businesses. The rich feature set includes tree & list views, numerous security settings and synchronization with DataVault for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & BlackBerry. Synchronization with mobile devices and ease-of-use have made Ascendo DataVault the leading password safe for Mac OS. Protects private information using powerful encryption and advanced security features. Saves time and money by giving you instant access to your personal information anytime you need it. Adapts to your needs by providing numerous customization options and personalization settings. Display Items in Tree view organized by Category and Type. Expand and collapse tree levels individually or simultaneously, see image. Define an unlimited number of Categories such as Personal, Business, etc. Define an unlimited number of Types such as Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Logins, Memberships, Prescriptions, Vehicle Information, etc. Synchronize items with DataVault for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & BlackBerry. Select from several synchronization settings for wireless & fixed-line environments. Display items in View mode to maximize the number of fields per screen or Edit mode to maximize the space available for each field. Search for items and filter results. Tap or click on URLs to launch web sites. Mask & Unmask fields to protect information from prying eyes. Password Generator with settings for length and types of characters. Create an unlimited number of Templates with default field labels and item icon or choose from 25 pre-defined Templates. Associate icons with Items and Templates, 100 icons to choose from. Strength meter to determine if passwords are Weak, Good or Strong. Select master password hint. Set security timeout to require master password after inactivity delay. Set maximum login attempts before auto-destruct. Backup & Restore data in encrypted, secure format. Import & Export data in DataVault Exchange Format (DVX). Import from text files in comma separate value (CSV) format. Import from 3rd party applications such as mSecure, SplashID, Turbo Passwords, etc. using pre-defined CSV formats .
What's new in this version:
Created Firefox Add-On (plug-in, extension) to autofill web forms with items stored in DataVault for Mac. Added Save Form feature to DataVault Add-On for Firefox. Fill a form with appropriate values then click on Save Form button before submitting to add item to DataVault. Added Gererate Password button to DataVault Add-On for Firefox. Added skip-ahead searching to Firefox Add-On. Click on Web Form in DataVault bar then type letter to skip to first item in d...

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