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With webhard you can save/share/deliver confidential data.
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If you have critical data that should be protected offsite, connect to Webhard and store it there. Do not carry portable storage media with you anymore, and free yourself from worries about destruction and loss of your data.
You can use data stored at Webhard anytime anywhere in a convenient manner.

You can save/share/deliver confidential data, presentation materials, proposals, research data, and photos/moving pictures in a convenient and safe manner through Webhard anytime and anywhere.
Webhard guarantees uninterrupted work and higher productivity by enabling you to gain access to data anytime and anywhere.

Main Features:

- Provide all the useful functions of file and folder management
- Various accessing tools (Webhard for windows, Mac, etc.)
- Speedy transfer & automatic backup of large files
- Guaranteed security and stability

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