address-o-sync 1.01

Application to share and sync the contacts and Address Book groups.

address-o-sync is an easy to use, but powerful application to share and sync the contacts and Address Book groups of the Address Books on your rendezvous network. If you work with MacOS 10.3 or better: zero configuration, the Macs will find each other.
It is possible to share only certain groups created in the Address Book, that means you are able to choose which group of contacts (e.g. company) will be shared and which should not be accessible. (e.g. private)
To prevent that every person in your network can get your Address Book contacts you will be asked to determine a password that people will need to get access to your Address Book.
Sync your Address Book with other Address Books.
Only Address Book entries, that are new or differ from your Address Book will be synced.
If contacts have differrent entries (e.g. phone number), you can choose, which entry you want to keep or update your old entry.
Share your entire Address Book for syncing.
Share only chosen groups of your Address Book for syncing. (others are not accessible)
Groups made accessible are still password protected.

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